Board of Directors

Current Members

Board Member Seat Email Term Expires
Betsy Anthony, Chair Appointed Local Business (2 year appointed) 10/31/24
Nick McClellan, Vice Chair Appointed At-Large Community (2 year appointed) 10/31/23
Cathy Moore, Secretary Elected YLI Representative (1 year elected) 10/31/23
Kenna Dillard, Treasurer Elected Local Business (1 year elected) 10/31/23
Chris Elrod Elected Parent (1 year elected) 10/31/23
Matthew Kutilek Elected Parent (1 year elected) 10/31/23
Craig Trainer Elected At-Large Community (1 year elected) 10/31/23
Cynthia Deaton Appointed Educator (2 year appointed) 10/31/23
Christie Dunson Appointed Educator (2 year appointed) 10/31/23
Tenley Murphy Appointed STEM (2 year appointed) 10/31/23
Rebecca Willis Elected STEM Representative (1 year elected) 10/31/23

Contact the Board

Call the YLA School Office at 864-898-4511 to leave a message for any board member. Alternatively, you may email the board directly at

Board Nomination Procedure

Board elections are held annually in October. Anyone interested in nominating a person for a position on the YLA Governing Board should call the school office, fill out a nomination form and return it to the school before October 15th to be considered. All nominees must meet eligibility guidelines.

Board Minutes

Board Agenda