South Carolina Youth Leadership Academy
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Our Learning Model

The YLA curriculum is delivered through a combination of hands-on activities and proprietary multimedia. Every student's unique learning style is accommodated. Whether for kinesthetic or visual learners, nonreaders, or speakers of English as a second language, the YLA curriculum ensures student success through a combination of text, graphics, video and real-world, interactive activities.

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STEM Modules from Pitsco Education

Today more than ever before, effective STEM education is critical to cultivating a new generation of innovators and creative problem solvers who are career and workforce ready. YLA uses a blending curriculum including Pitsco Education's STEM science curriculum as the basis for the school's academic program. Pitsco Education offers hands-on, minds-on STEM curriculum designed to engage, challenge and motivate students to ask questions, seek answers and solve problems.

A Foundation For Success